Implication of Host-Guest Interaction for Quality of Tourist Experiences: The Case of Dorze, Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Providing only quality of products and service is not enough to satisfy tourists, because, tourists expect unique, enjoyable and diverse experiences rather than humbly service and product on their trips nowadays. In concise terms, tourists yearn for having the quality of experience with diverse scenery, cultures, and local life styles at visited destinations community through interacting with the host community. However, this articulated the effect of host – guest interaction on quality of tourist experience is rarely measured in Ethiopia. Considering this shortcoming, the overarching aim of this study is to investigate the level of host-guest interaction and its implication on the quality of tourists’ trip experiences with taking Dorze village as a case. Besides, tourist attraction of Dorze village have assessed as one part of the study. In order to achieve the objective of the study, both qualitative and quantitative research method were being used. And, the most important data were sourced by primary and secondary data. Primary data were collected from 230individuals it comprises, 200 usable sample foreign tourists who were selected randomly, 8 local tour guide, 2 tourism experts from Chencha Wereda Tourism Bureau, 2 potter, and 8 weaver association members nominated by convenience sampling and 10 individuals which were chosen purposely from local community. To analyze the quantitative data SPSS-24 software was adopted and techniques such as descriptive statistics, correlation, and simple regression analysis were used. Likewise, thematic analysis techniques used for data obtained through interview and field observation. The findings of the study revealed that Dorze village is endowed with both natural and cultural tourist attractions, but, infrastructure and accommodation establishment is not reasonable. Moreover, one of the core findings of the study revealed that tourists had good interaction with the host community as well; most tourists appreciated their Dorze village trip experience quality. A final and most important finding of the study emphasized that for tourist’s having positive and optimistic interaction with the host community of visited destination have significant implication for their quality of trip experience. Keywords: Host-Guest Interaction, Quality of Tourists’ Experiences, Tourism P+ otentials, Dorze Village, South Ethiopia



Host-Guest Interaction, Quality of Tourists’ Experiences, Tourism P+ otentials, Dorze Village, South Ethiopia