Analysis of Linguistic Contents in Grades 5-8 English Textbooks of the Curriculum of Oromia Regional State: Focus on Grammar Contents

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Addis Ababa University


The study was designed to evaluate the grammar contents of English textbooks of grades 5-8 in Oromia Regional State. The evaluation includes grammar exercises, explanations of rules, selection, sequencing, repetition of items and difficulty level of the contents. To conduct the study, a purposive sampling technique was used to select the textbooks, the schools and the teachers, and content analysis was also employed. Four English textbooks (grades 5-8), 32 classrooms (from 8 schools) and 143 English teachers were selected for the study. The study revealed that the contents of the textbooks are selected in line with the social and environmental backgrounds of the students. However, the exercises in the books lack clear instructions, contexts and exhaustive questions that are relevant to particular lessons. There are also shortages of explanations about the grammar rules presented in all of the textbooks. The findings also show that the sequencing of the grammar contents is adequate in that there is a single grammar rule presented at a time. However, many grammar items are not repeated in subsequent units and grades. Moreover, there is little attention paid to grammar contents of the whole textbooks, and many grammar items such as tag questions and answers, nominals, phrases and clauses that need to be taught to primary school children are not addressed in the books. Furthermore, the study shows that there are no grammar summaries/reviews, glossaries, and activities in any of the textbooks.



English textbooks of grades 5-8 in Oromia Regional State, The evaluation includes grammar exercises