Assessing Students' and Teachers' Perception and Classroom Practice of Cooperative Learning in Efl Classes: a Case Study of Haikgeneral Secondary and Preparatory School

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Addis Ababa Universiy


The purpose of this study was to assess students ' and teachers' perception and classroom practice of cooperative learning in EFL classes by using grade-12 students and their EFL teachers in Haik General Secondary and Preparatory School. In order to achieve the intended purpose, the required data were gathered thruugh questionnaire (for students), interview (for teachers) and classroom observation. A questionnaire (consisting of four thematic groups which were based on the objectives of the study) of 32 items for 83 (27. 7%) students (who were randomly selected from 6 sections); interview with 4 EFL teachers and classroom observations on3 sections were administered in Febntary andMarch 2011. The overall findings of this study showed that majority of students and all EFL teachers under the shldy had positive and high level of perception for most of cooperative learning tenets. Although the school has a printed material on some techniques of cooperative learning, in the actual implementation of cooperative learning both students and teachers were not effective since both of them could 1I0t idelltify their major roles properly. Therefore, the study cOHversely reveals that there is a clear mismatch between what students and teachers perceive about cooperative learning and what they actually practice it in their EFL classroom.



Haikgeneral Secondary and Preparatory School