The School Principal Performance and Its Relationship to Student Achievement in Secondary School in Western Shoa Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The major purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between principals' peljormance and student achievement in some secondmy schools in western Shoa Zone. For the stlldy purpose eight secondary schools were selected by simple random sampling techniques among 12 secondary schools in Western Shoa Zone. Questionnaire was used to rate principal work efficiency. To rate principals' peljormances 50% of teachers were selected randomly by simple random sampling techniquesji"Oln each sample school and two wereda education administrators purposely participated in rating principal peljormances from each wereda education ()[fice on these sample schools. The sample schools students' GPA and different grade result in EGSECE obtained from students mark list from record office of each sample schoo!. Pearson correlation moment also computed the data to analyze the relationship between principal performance and students achievement. The study revealed that there were significant relationship of teachers' perception of prinCipal administrative jimction of planning and coordinating to students academic performance (2.00 and above GPA in EGSECE). The study correlated between wereda education administrators' perception of principal administrativejimction and students achievement (2.00 and above GPA in EGSECE). The resilli indicated significant relationship between principal administrative jimction of coordinating and entire administrative practices with students GPA. The other correlation computed between the subject teachers' perception of principal peljormance and students subject passing (grade "c" and above in EGSECE). It showed strong relationship in principal performance and students (Amharic, Mathematics, Biology AfJan Ommo and CiviC) achievement. Flirther the correlation computed among teachers and wereda education administrators' perception of principals' administrative functions and students total subjects grade "C" and above in EGSECE. The study result revealed that the principal adminislrative junction of coordinating in both of raling groups indicared a beller relalionship with studellls acadelllic peljormances.



School Principal Performance, Relationship to Student Achievement