Catalogue of Some Selected Manuscripts in Beta Mariam Church (Lalibelar)

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis presents a catalogue of 14 previously inaccessible and undocumented manuscripts' which are present in Beta marianl Church in Lalibela. All of the manuscripts are, "as usual; .. religious in content. They are: I. Lectionary for Palm . Sunday and Passion Week (Homilies 'on the Passion); 2. Funeral services; 3. Homilies for the ' Archangel Michael's fe stivals with Miracles of this Archangel; 4. The Book of Hexaemeron; 5. Miracle of Jesus; 6. The Book of penance;7. Arganond Woddase, or Arganond DongOl; 8. Baptism Ritual; 9. Three books of the Bible bound together (Samuel, Kings and Isaiah); 10. The Book of Baralam and YawasOf; , 11-12. Prayers of Incense; 13, The book of Chants (Mawaso't and Zommare), 14. The Book of onqobiihare. . The language of all but one of the manuscripts described 'in this catalogue is Go' oz; one . manuscript, the book of Hexaemeron, is written predominantly in Amharic and partly ill Go' Oz. This manuscript has colored illustrations in high standard traditional Ethiopian style.



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