The Life and Works of the Shaykh of Abret (1908-'1978) with Special Reference to His Arabic Manuscripts

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Addis Ababa University


Tht; prin cipal and ge neral objective of this study is to assess the inLell ecLual contribu tio ns of Ethiopian Muslim scholars Lowards the dcvc lopmenL of Is lamic culture in the country. To Rch ir:ve ih is objcr:tivc I have used thc works of the Sha.ykh. of /\b reL l!S a casc study. The spcei fic obj ectives the study arc: wriLin g a bricl biography of the Shaykh of Abret, collecting and preserving h is works, making a brief conten t analysis, and making his works available ready for fu rther studi es. Using pnmary and secondary sources and the :MSS of the Shaykh of Abrel, the s tudy has a Llempted to achieve both objectives. l3ased on the above specific objective and metlmods, the b iography a nd the works of the Shaykh of Abret arc discusscd brieny. As a result, the cultural , social and ideological innuenccs of thc Shaylch a rc studied. In chapter one the b3c kgraund of the sludy, in ch'"lpte r Iwo the historical ... md rc lig;ou s background of the Gurage people, in chapter three a brief biography of the Shaylch of Abre t, in cha pter four the works of'\the Shaylch, and in chapter conclu s ion and recommcndations arc d iscussed . Since the con tributions wriLlc n by him a rc many in number, the study could only give a brief content analysis.



Arabic Manuscripts, Works, Reference