Practice and Challenges of School Principals in Creating Conducive Teaching Learning-Environment in Private Secondary Schools in Bole Sub-City, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess practice and challenges of school principals in creating a Conducive teaching Learning-Environment in Private secondary schools in Bole Sub city Addis Ababa In order to meet the objectives of the study; a descriptive survey design was employed. From the total population of 370 teachers, 21 supervisors, and 42 principals were selected using systematic sampling technique for this study. Questionnaires, interview and document analysis were used for collecting data. The data obtained through the questionnaires were analyzed using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviations and t-tests. The information obtained through interviews was qualitatively analyzed to supplement the quantitative data. The findings revealed that parents involved in the formulation of school policies, Rewards special efforts by teachers with special opportunities for professional recognition, whole staffs participate in important service activities, teachers facilitate time to talk informally with students and other staff members, the school send students’ progress reports to parents frequently in a year, the school gives reward for students who do superior or work with formal reward, the school principal let the parents to involve in discipline issues, school principal involve parents to give financial support for the school, school principle organize student councils which encourages the students to participate in the school leadership, school principal uses information and feedback from teachers to motivate students for their best academic performance, school principal involves and works cooperatively with teachers in making and implementing the school rules and regulations. The researcher concluded that for secondary school students to be effective, the environment needs to be conducive for learning. The teacher staff and administration relation came out to be the most effective stimulant for creating conducive teaching learning environment, Quality of education is vulnerable when students attend in schools that are poor policy, over crowded with various activities, unsafe, noisy and poorly supplied with facilities like the place where Khat house present, Shisha and etc. Therefore, in order to tackle those problems it is recommended Intensive work should be done to eradicate the problems especially by giving a better emphasis on internal and external environmental problems and illegal drug usage; Principals should give attention in light its positive impact upon the better teaching environment in the community, teachers and students relation. By cooperating with the community and concerned officials, principals should work to avoid Khat house, Shisha Bet, illegal drug smugglers from the school surrounding.



Practice and Challenges of School Principals