The Role of Police in Enhancing Good Urban Governance: The Case of Addls Ababa Police Commission

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The Ethiopian police force characterized by different organizational culture that come out from different set up in different regimes .It includes the emperor, the military guneta, the current government and even the period during the Italian invasion. There exist undue practice such as absence of good governance, malpractice, illegal acts and unparallel unethical doings are exercised by Addis Ababa city police according to the usual claim of the dwellers. Therefore, in order to assess the claim, the study employed a methodology that gives a chance the study considered with descriptive and qualitative(' research. The study utilized a discussion with a relevant groups and an interview conducted with Addis Ababa sub city police officials along with desk assessment related with police forces. The study prevails that the problem like accountability, handing of dwellers claim, human right aspects, and low level of participation are exhibited. However, there is a clear determination among and between Addis Ababa police to change the fate of the police force 'in line with the interest of the dwellers. However, the police force has to build its capacity up to the standards of the international arena. As well, it has to upgrade its capacity to obtain the necessary information and it has to update its database for the future consumption. Nevertheless, the study declares that the performance of the police is some what is good.



Enhancing Good Urban, Addis Ababa Police Commission