Optimization and Characterization of Essential Oil from Black Pepper (Nigrum) seed and Leave Using Steam Distillation for Cosmetics Application Process

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The black pepper (piper nigrum) seed Oils were highly concentrate substances extracted from seed and leave. The study aims to utilize the seed as a source of oil for cosmetics skin care applications since piper nigrum seed and leave was cheap and grows abundantly in our country. It is an annual herbaceous plant. The characteristics of the seed are; the color is black after drying and the particle size for my experiment was 500,750,1000micro meters. The condition operation to extract of the seed and leave were 1atm and 30-250minute. The seeds produced colorless clear aromatic essential oil, used in the production of several licorous cosmetics and of perfumery. The seed were extracted by steam distillation because it had high conversion efficiency. The steam distillation were carry out under controlled temperature and pressure. The optimum temperatures of the extraction 105 iii o c,127.5 o c,150 o c. the yield of the oil was 4.83% at the optimum conditions and the minimum yield 1.67%.The characteristic of piper nigrum seed was strong pleasant aroma. These oils were often used for their cosmetics and their therapeutic or odoriferous properties, in a wide selection of products such as foods and medicines. Cosmetics oil was one of the most time- and effort consuming processes. Cosmetic composition mainly includes pigment, fatty acids, oleic acid 22.94%, and hexandoxic acids octandoxic acid 8.61%. The antibacterial properties of the oils were 60% greater efficient. The acid value of the oil 5.3 by using NaOH titration with ethanol solution. The aroma odor were changed into good odor by addition of Lemmon oil. Cosmetic products had homogeneous and stable during the application. There had wide number of ways to extracted the oil but the quality never remains the same. Here I used the “Steam Distillation” method for extraction which was the cheapest way for the extraction of Oils and the efficient from the different parts of the plants. In this process steam was allow to pass through the extraction chamber which contains plant matter. When steam passes through the seed material under pressure which often the cells and allows the oil to escape in vapor form. The vapor allows to pass through condenser and oil was collected in separating tank and store in storage tank. The analysis of cosmetics oil reveal that parameters, which include specific gravity, FTIR, GC_MS, acid value, for skin oil process.



piper nigrum seed, cosmetics, yield, oleic acid, Steam distillation