Astudy on Problems Affecting The Integration of Major Construction Parties in Design-Bid-Build Project Delivery Method in The Addis Ababa 40-60 Housing Construction Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Construction industry is a major player in the economy of countries by generating employment and wealth to the nations. However, in design-bid-build project delivery, many projects in developing countries like Ethiopia experienced extremely high disintegration among the major parties. In this respect, this study’s objective was to identify the major problems affecting the integration of these parties in Addis Ababa 40-60 saving houses of construction projects. For this, both questionnaire survey and selected case studies were conducted. Accordingly, interpretation and discussion were made on the basis of results. The study was conducted on 13 Addis Ababa 40-60 housing construction projects within the focus group of clients, consultants, contractors and regulatory body. Accordingly, the research came up with the following conclusions. To begin with the needed level of project parties’ integration is not achieved. Besides, 24 integration problems were identified in survey study and ranked based on their importance index. Self-serving objectives; lack of coordination; lack of trust and reliability among contracting parties; and disregarding contextual issues, poor communication between relevant construction parties, and lack of knowledge by the client about project processes and integration issues, and inadequate technical skill by the client are among the major integration problems. Furthermore, two additional problems were identified in the case study. The research concludes that level of integration among the parties was not totally fragmented nor fully integrated due to several integration problems, and further provides recommendations on how to improve the existing situations. Key Words: Addis Ababa housing projects, construction, design-bid-build, project delivery, integration, and parties.



Addis Ababa housing projects, Construction, Design-bid-build