A Case of Pawe And Mandura Woredas, North Eastern Part of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


A recent development of the CMP approach, to implement rural water supply projects has been piloted in five woredas of the Metekel zone in Benishangul Gumuz regional state located at the Western part of Ethiopia. The assessment on the efficiency of the approach has been carried out in two woredas of the Northern part of Metekel Zone, namely, Mandura and Pawe woredas. First, it was checked if efforts have been put in to place and its applicability before evaluating accomplished results. In the second part, effectiveness of the approach was evaluated. In this research, the approach is supposed to effective if implementation is efficient, if the built schemes are going to sustain and if schemes are providing proper and adequate services. Accordingly, a rural water supply system is supposed to be sustainable up on achieving determinants of sustainability. In this research, these aspects are taken as factors that indicate effectiveness, which is a means to measure advancement of the approach towards meeting objectives. Major findings of the research were, elements of the approach were practiced as required except participating communities in technology option selection and post construction support. From the identified causes, it was recognized that there were no evidences found to articulate inappropriateness of any elements of the approach for the study areas. Finally, the effectiveness of the approach, evaluated using averaging the scores attributed to indicators showed above average value that is, 68.61% and 76.70% for Mandura and Pawe woredas respectively. This is interpreted as its application has shown promising result, which only requires some adjustment and efforts for its complete implementation and better output. And it appeared that more effort is needed to secure spare part availability and improve efficiency of community financing. And in general terms, other factors to be given due consideration include skill and awareness of community, especially in Mandura woreda where the socio economic situation is relatively poorer. Recommendations are made on how to deal with the gaps that has been identified for further accomplishments and stress on implementation procedures, which need focus for proper operation and maintenance so as to assure sustainability of schemes.



Benishangul, Gumuz regional state located