Social Work Intervention and Empowerment Practices of Temporary Care and Rehabilitation Centre for People with Disability

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Social work is a profession workingfor social change, problem solving, empowerll1 ent, social justice, social jimctioning and well-being. Because of their complex socio economic and political life, people in Addis Ababa City face various psychosocial problems and diverse intervention techniques are used for those problems even if'all the interventions might not be professional and well organized, Temporary Care and Rehabilitation Centre for People with Disability is an institution in Addis Ababa city under Labor and Social AIJairs Bureau o/the city government to support people who are sufferingfrom a destitute life because of various psychosocial and other problems, The institution is giving different services for its recipients to support their well-being, social functioning and empowered way of living. Va rieties of interventions and empowerment techniques have been utilized by the institution to support the wellbeing of the recipients and developing their social functioning in their socieW The study used qualitative method of study to explore the experiences of social work intervention and empowerment practices of the study area, Even if the institution has been working in the area since the last fifty years, its professional work areas require focus es of social work practices for better achievements on its social work intervention and empowerment practices, Thus, this study has been investigated on its social work intervention and empowerment practices, the itnpacts of the practices, the challenges and limitations of the institution in practicing social work interventions and empowerment schemes andfinally strength and opportunities available at the institution are explored. Then recommendations have been set, The study indicated its implication for social work practices, social work research and policy development referring its findings and results