Assessment of Local Administrative Discretion and Accountability Mechanisms in Addis Ababa City Administration: the Case of Yeka Sub-City Woreda 10

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Addis Ababa University


The thesis attempts to explore with objective of , assessing the administrative discretions as well as the applicability of administrative accountability mechanisms practice in Addis Ababa yeka sub -city woreda ten . To meet the above objectives, the research employed more of qualitative case study approach. Both primary and secondary data sources were used in gathering pertinent information. The technique of collecting primary data includes in-depth interviews at sub-city and woreda , focus group discussions with the community representative. Secondary sources such as published and unpublished materials such as books, proclamation, procedures, directives and manuals are used. Descriptive method of analysis is used to analyze the primary and secondary data. The study found that local administrative discretionary power is not adequately devolved and accountability mechanisms, at woredas of Addis Ababa are not properly designed due to different reasons. It is challenged by many problems such as crucial autonomy still remain in the upper stratum, as well as lack in properly codified rules and regulation in administrative autonomy. As well as due to political curiosity intervening of politically assigned official in administrative procedures is also to be mentioned .The public accountability mechanisms are also not properly designed and social accountability is completely not designed. Hence to make administrative decentralization meaningful recommendations are made on devolving adequate administrative autonomy ,codifying proclamation and other regulations and directives . Both the public and social accountability mechanisms have to be designed properly and adequately in woredas of Addis Ababa. Key words: Administrative, Discretion, Accountability, Woreda, Regulating abilities, Procurement,Humanresource



Administrative, Discretion, Accountability, Woreda, Regulating abilities, Procurement, Humanresource