The Gəʾəz Acts of Abunä Filəṗos of Däbrä Libanos: Critical Edition and Annotated Translation

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Addis Ababa University


This dissertation presents a critical edition of Gädlä Filәṗos, which recounts the hagiography of the 14th-century monk, Abunä Filәṗos, the third abbot (Ǝč č äge) of Däbrä Libanos. The gädl (hagiography) was written in the first half of the 15th century. It narrates the turbulent life of Filәṗos from birth to death, including his major theological and political clashes with Kings Amdä Ṣәyon and Säyfä Ar‘әd. Surprising elements of the gädl are Filәṗos’ religious defiance of his father in childhood, and episodes of nudity in Filәṗos’ confrontation with the king. His miracles and his covenant from God are included, as well as his Effigy (mälkә’). The narration of the “translation of his relics”, though found in some of the mss, is not included in this edition, as it has already been published by Getatchew Haile. In preparing this edition, the researcher consulted and carefully compared eight manuscripts altogether from various Ethiopian churches and monasteries, and from the British Library and the Vatican Library. After collating the different readings, the variants were summarized in the critical apparatus. The edition includes a careful English translation of the gädl and the Effigy, with numerous annotations, and linguistic and textual discussion. The dissertation is organized in eight chapters.



Gädlä Filәṗos, which recounts the hagiography of the 14th-century monk,