A Study of the Ancient Manuscript of Gadla Abuna Maba'seyon

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Addis Ababa University


This paper dea ls with the Gcid! o/Maba' Seyon, his life and work . He was a pa inter, organizer of canon s, strong teach er and apocalypti c. The V ita provides fundamental information concern ing the historica l. soc io-cu ltu ra l and re ligious eve nts and fa cts of the epoch. The main objective of the paper is to make a comparative ana lys is of different versions of the GCid! of Maba' Seyon and to comment on the di ffe rences. In addition to th is, the researcher tri ed to ident iFy the hi storical and theologica l signi fi cance of the text in the li ght of its own time. The methods employed here are se lecting the most releva nt Mss after di gi talizing. giving reasonable identifi cation, giving adequate philological description, making appropriate cl ass ification of the text accordi ng to the life of the sai nt and finally ident ify the major differences. And thereFore it has been fo und that there are different errors, miss statements and incongruities found when passing from Ol1e text to th e other text. Besides thi s, the li fe and work of the Sa int is very important in understand ing th e canoni ca l and theo logica l position of the Church as well as the literary tradi tion of Ethiopia.