Experimental Investigation on Performance Characteristics and Efficiency of Electric Injera Baking Pans „(Mitad)‟

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Addis Ababa University


Enjera baking is the most energy intensive activity in Ethiopia; and preparation of enjera is rather a long process relative to other Ethiopian food. The aim of this thesis work is to investigate the performance characteristics and efficiency of the electric baking pan („mitad‟) experimentally and to prove the efficiency of improved „mitad‟ is best. Experimentation and processing of data were performed to study the energy consumption cost and ways to increase the performance of the baking pan. Thermo-physical properties were determined quasi experimentally before, during, and after baking processes of the product („Enjera‟). Initial heating up and cyclic enjera baking time with its power consumption and heat loss analysis of the system were presented for performance comparison of the baking pans. Experiments were conducted to measure temperature profile during initial heating up and cyclic baking of the pans. Maximum energy losses are occurred at the bottom of conventional and improved baking pans with the efficiency of 52% and 75% respectively. Even though the efficiency of improved electric „mitad‟ was higher than the conventional one, still there was high energy loss due to poor insulation material. Performance improvement options of each baking pans can be made by increasing the number of cycles and density of the batter. This alternative can be increase the efficiency by 5-10% of the baking pans. Economic result illustrates that improved baking pan has higher initial capital investment than the conventional one; but they have lower operating costs. Then overall present worth of improved baking pan has lower cost than conventional baking pan. Finally, based on the points outlined above, improved electric „mitad‟ have an advantage over conventional electric „mitad‟ and our recommendation is to install improved baking pans in the kitchens of the Ethiopian house hold. Key words: Experimental investigation, Thermophysical Property, Heat Transfer Analysis



Experimental investigation;Thermophysical Property; Heat Transfer Analysis