Study of Workmanship on The Construction of Sub-City Office Buildings in Addis Ababa

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Though cement is a popular stabilizer used in manufacturing of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEBs), much effort had not been done in utilizing lime in combination with cement. This research is intended to provide detailed technical and production cost information on the production of compressed cement and lime stabilized earth blocks to use as alternative wall making material. Laboratory tests conducted on the soil used for the research provided detailed information on the soils grading, plasticity, chemical composition and the result proved the soil‟s suitability for block production. The investigation has revealed that from the blocks produced at the varying total stabilizer contents from 4% in increments of 2% up to 10% at constant compressive pressure of 10MPa, the blocks stabilized with cement in combination with lime have an increased 56 th day compressive strength than that of the blocks stabilized with cement only. The water absorption of the blocks stabilized with lime in combination with cement is lower than that of the blocks stabilized with cement only. Increment of compaction pressure with the same stabilizer content, have shown an increased compressive strength. Lime from two sources was used on this research, one from local market and the other form lime manufacturing factory (Senkale lime). Comparisons of the effects of lime, lime from source one (Generic lime) and Senkale lime showed that, Senkale lime has shown better stabilization effect based on the compressive strength of blocks and blocks water absorption test results. The cost of compressed earth blocks stabilized with lime in combination with cement is a higher than compressed earth blocks stabilized with lime, since the current price of lime is higher than that of cement. The cost comparison with the conventional wall making material, hollow concrete blocks, has revealed that CSEBs is preferred because it is more economical walling material in itself and permits the use of economical building techniques. This experimental study on CSEB prepared using lime as a replacement to cement in certain proportions has brought out the effectiveness of lime with cement in improving the 56 th day compressive strength than using cement alone. The research findings show a need to relook at the grading of ingredients and quantity of stabilizers for achieving good building blocks.



Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks, cement, lime, soil stabilization, compressive strength, water absorption