A Historical, Theological, and Philological Perspective on Gadla Elayas and a Textual Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


This study was deals with exploring the historical, theological, and philological text analysis with focus on how is Gadl Elay¢1s as the biographical and historical tradition are considered as an important source for the study of the history of the Ethiopia literature and for the history of the doctrine and institutions of the Ethiopian Church. In this thesis I attempt to organized and discuss in seven chapters. First, I s hall discuss on the problem and justification of the re search. Secondly, I shall ask why on the pioneers of Ethiopian philology with its development; and the catalogued manuscript s of the Gadl in other sources, and the description of the two manuscript texts of Gadla Elayas. Thirdly, on the literature review schism between Early Christianity: it shows some ecumenism concern for Orthodoxy, the Orthodox Church involvement and participation in Ecumenical councils: i.e. schism and Ecumenism which occurred between the churches, the emergence of monasticism in the Church and its movement, focusing on two historic and theological 'dividing issue s '. Fourthly and fifthly, I shall translate the full text of Gadl E/::iyas, with comparing from t h e particular selected manuscript text. I s ha,ll also discuss on making text analysis from philological and linguistic perspective. On the external part of survey of the text which depends on the problem and the forms of the letters, the margins, the size, volumes and, in the two centuries of these manuscripts copy period. And also the internal part of the study also concerned and investigate the. comparison with changes of syntax and orthography. The Sixths the final Chapter gives the summery and conclusion. I shall end by saying what, in my conclusion, recommendations which included related reference with bibliography and appendices .



Historical, Theological, Philological