Investigation of Heat Recovery Targets for Efficient Use of Energy in Brewery Via Thermal Pinch Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


Brewing industry is currently expanding in high rate.The rising cost of energy and environmental concerns have led the brewing industry to search for techniques of reducing energy consumption in brewery operations. High energy costs and the need to reduce on CO2 emissions have brought to the fore the importance of reduction of energy usage in beer production. It is important that brewing process be analyzed to identify and evaluate opportunities for saving energy in specific process applications. In this study, pinch analysis was applied to a typical Ethiopian based large scale brewery( Meta Abo Brewery) to target for the minimum energy requirements of the process. It presents a methodology aimed at investgating the energy recovery target for the brewery by applying thermal pinch analysis; and analyzed four cases for different values of a design parameter which is minimum temeparture difference (∆Tmin). The different steps of the analysis are presented. Pinch analysis spreadsheet was used for the analysis. At the chosen minimum temperature differences with in the possible range of 0 - 45 °C, the minimum cooling and heating utility requirements of the brewery were studied and determined to be 1288.8 KW and 188.04 KW respectively and 805.19 KW of total heat recovery by two separate routes is possible for case 1. It was observed that using the technique, significant amount of energy could be recovered through process to process heat exchange in all four cases eventhough the amount of maxiumim energy recovery decreases as the minimum temperature difference increases. Furthermore, the heat exchange network(HEN) for all cases is designed. It is recommended that results from this study could be used in the design or retrofit of a heat exchanger network of the brewery for improved energy efficiency. Considerations can also be made for various values of ΔTmin with in the possible range so as to work on the economic analysis for capital and energy cost tradeoff.



brewery, energy target, ΔTmin, HEN, pinch analysis, energy recovery