A Proposed Cooperative System for Medical Libraries in Sudan

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Addis Ababa University


This s t udy has investigated and reviewed the medical information services and facilities in Sudan, including a survey of medical information users. This is done in order to propose a cooperative programme for medical libraries in Sudan so that the existing services and facilities could be strengthened. The user survey has revealed that there is a lack of access to sufficient and to up to date information sources, especially -------tt:ex.tbookB-ancLsc.iemi.fic~ournals. It also showed that there is a need for user education programmes. The survey on medical libraries r evealed that there is a shortage o f quali f i ed library personnel,as well as a lack of information technology equipment. The investigation of existing cooperation between medical libraries revealed that it is restricted to the exchange of books , gifts, and photocopy services. All surveyed libraries expressed their interest and willingness to participate in an organized libr a ry network. Based on the findings of the study, a cooperative programme has been proposed . This programme includes cooperative acquisition, cataloguing\processing, storage, interlibrary lending and reference services, and cooperative education\research programmes. In order to formalize and maintain the cooperative programme, a network for medical libraries is suggested. It is also suggested that the plan for this network be a phased plan; Phase I includes selection of network activities,identification of participating libraries , and preparation of resource sharing tools.



Proposed Cooperative System