Assessment of Safe City for Women and Vulnerable Groups in Addis Ababa: the case of Bole, Nefas Silk, Kolfe and Lideta sub-cities

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Addis Ababa University


This research is concerned on the assessment of safe city for women and vulnerable groups, Even if the issue is burning no researches have been carried out in Ethiopia except the work of Action aid 2013 that Action aid only sees the link between services and violence against women; however, why the city is unsafe? What are the factors affecting safety in the city? What are the public spaces perceived as unsafe are not addressed by any researcher? My study; however, attempts to determining key f actors affecting safety and safe city, identifoing spaces that are perceived and experienced as unsafe and distinguish the major safety risks of women to access public spaces, The study employed a case study approach to observe single case at a time, Quantitative and qualitative approaches and data collection instruments were also employed. Both primary and secondary data sources were used in gathering the necessary il?fo rmation. On the other hand purposive sampling and simple random sampling used to select the target group, The major findings of this study were that most of the public ;paces such as bus stations, public transport and markets in some areas and road sides were perceived as unsafe, On the other hand the study further found that robberies, assault, sexual harassment, rape and murder are the major risks in using public spaces, Poor lighting, poor environmental design and poor infrastructure, crowded public transport/bus station, lack of efficient police patrol, lack of people 's movement, lack of clean and safe public toilet and lack of clean and safe road sides identified as major factor that contribute to unsafe conditions, In general safety and safe city are affected by poor environmental design, poor infrastructure, crowded public transport/ bus station and lack of visible police, Hence to attain the Millennium development goal of 3 "promote gender equality and empower women" that concern on women's empowerment there is a need to build safer city, To this regard it is suggested to urban design and planning institute to design plan and policies to ensure women '.I and girls' safety and to create safer city, Key Words: safe city, environmental design, police patrol, surveillance,



safe city, environmental design, police patrol, surveillance