Assessment of Addis Ababa as a Business Tourism Destination from the Suppliers’ Perspective

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Addis Ababa University


Tourism worldwide is becoming increasingly competitive. Performance of destinations has been associated in the tourism literature as a critical element for the success of tourism destinations. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying and analyzing the various factors that influence the competitiveness of tourism destinations. The aim of this study was to present the results of a survey on the performance of Addis Ababa as a business tourism destination from a suppliers’ perspective. The study was descriptive and used cross sectional data. The data were collected using survey questionnaire from supply side stakeholders found in Addis Ababa city. In addition, secondary data were also utilized. The data collected were analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics and results were discussed on importance-performance analysis (IPA) grid. The study reveals that Addis Ababa is not performing well in many of the business tourism destination attributes. It is only 22% of the total attributes presented to the respondents that the destination was viewed to be competitive when almost all attributes were seen to be important for Addis Ababa as a business tourism destination. The study also suggests recommendations which should be taken to increase the competitiveness of Addis Ababa as a business tourism destination. Key Words: Business Tourism, Destination performance, Addis Ababa, Suppliers’ perspective



Business Tourism, Destination performance, Suppliers’ perspective