A Study of Framing of Good Governance Issues in Fana Broadcasting Corporate

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Addis Ababa University


Good governance has been a key concept for democratic development in many countries around the world during the past few decades. Ethiopia is one of those which have embraced the idea and media has indispensable role of toughening public participation on it. To this end media is expected to give adequate coverage to good governance issues. The purpose of this study was to examine how the Fana Broadcasting Corporate (Fm98.1 ) news framed good governance issues during the period of six months (Oct1/2013 -March 301 2014). The extent of the coverage, priority offered and sources used in the news were examined. Framing theory was mainly used as a theoretical framework for the study. Th is study is a descriptive design whereby both quantitative and qualitative methods were applied. Content analysis of the news collected by systematic random sampling technique over the period under consideration was the pr incipal method used. In-depth interviews with journalists involved III framing of good governance news considered were also used to support the content analysis. The findings of the research revealed that moderate coverage, was given to good governance issues as could be observed from proportion of issue specific or exclusive stories identified by the content analysis. The media has made efforts to prioritize good governance issues in the news and to attribute significance and influence public awareness of the issues by offering moderate time coverage and placement. The leading element of good governance issues of the story during the discussion of good governance in the program was accountability and failed in enterta ining the questions and comments of the public through their point of view adequately. More than half of themes of the news focus on critics of weak performance of government institutions. More than half of the sources quoted in the news analyzed were based on interview with beneficiaries and ordinary people, consultation of experts, observations. The economic frame was dominantly used in the news. Prognostic frame was the second dominantly applied fi'ame in the news. The study concludes that FBC FM 98.1 not failed to play its role in enterta in ing good governance issues in the news presentation. However, in framing contents the media cannot include all angles rather focus on certain elements of good governance.



Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Fm98.1 news