The Contributions of Shiekh Jawhar Hayder (Shonkey)to Arabic Literature in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The research paper is urganized in three chapters: the biugraphy u/ the scholar, the philulugical analysis ufthe scholar '.I' text, ami/he his/oricallinguistic side uf/he /ex/ which is taking '/mm{irs//o /hird chapters ufthe thesis cunsecutively.In {irst chapter, an allempt is made to describe the general biography of Sheikh Jawl70r Hayder startingfi'om his learning time to the last age of his life especially, his cuntributiuns and ,'ules in the Muslims Societies has been men/ioned extensively. The second chapter gives more/ncus on the textual analysis o/"lhe scholar's tex/ which is reviell'ed /hrough philological poinl 0/ view. Under /his chap/er, /he researcher fried /0 show /he general Fame work a/Sheikh '.I' /ex/, i/ 's writing and ,Iymbolic styles IIsed in preparing /he teX!. i1esides, an allen/ion is given to the main con/ent of the text on which the scholar gave more/ocus i.e. reJlecting main points for those who have interested to read his wrillen work wi/h curre.lponding meanings as much as possible. The /hird chop/er of the /hesisfocuses on /he descriptions of/he cons/rllc/ion of sounds, words, and senlences ()/ /he scholar's tex/ /hrough his/orical linguis/ic POIl1/ oj'view Especially dele/ion and epen/hesis laddilionl (}/Iellers and words in the Sheikh's scrip/.I·, and also ",ha/ /he morphological features, phone/ie, phonemic representa/ion, and /he way o/.Iyllahles (change of sOllm!.l) ill/he /ex/ looks like.



Shonkeyto Arabic Literature in Ethiopia