Factors Affecting the Performance of Solid Wast Management Practice in the Case of Addis Ababa; Some Selected Sub-City

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This study was focused on the influencing factors of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Addis Ababa. Its main purpose was to identify the main determinant factors of the poor solid waste management systems to improve the performance of the SWM system as a whole for the benefit of the public. The study had three objectives, which were as follows: (a) to determine the effects of technology on the performance of SWM in Addis Ababa., (b) to establish whether institutional structure significantly affects the performance of SWM in Addis Ababa. (c) To establish the effects of knowledge on the performance of SWM in Addis Ababa. Based on the objectives, three research questions were developed and in addition, a conceptual framework was outlined. The study was used a cross-sectional descriptive survey research design. This enabled the researcher to describe the relationship between the variables identified in the conceptual framework. The sampling procedure was used by dividing the total population into strata and then by using a non-probability convenience and purposive sampling strategy, while a questionnaire and interview were used as the main data collection instrument from a sample of 300 respondents includes political leaders, technical staff, solid waste workers, group leaders, and solid waste small & micro-enterprises. Both descriptive and inferential statistical tools were used in data analysis. The researcher was used the SPSS (Ver.26) computer statistical package for data analysis. When undertaking quantitative data analysis, descriptive statistics were utilized to present mean, frequencies, and percentages. In addition, Pearson correlation was employed for inferential statistics. According to the findings, institution accounts for 59.7% of the change in SWM, technological aspects accounts for 25.3 percent of the change in SWM, and knowledge aspects account for 50.3 percent of the change in SWM. As a result, it was concluded that both institutional, technological, and knowledge have a positive and significant effect on the performance of solid waste management in Addis Ababa city. It is advised that the city administration take more consideration to improve its performance of SWM practice by implementing the recommendations made in this study. Key words: Addis Ababa city administration, institutional factors, technology, knowledge, the performance of SWM.



Addis Ababa City Administration, Institutional Factors