Computed tomography pattern of bone fracture and outcome of road traffic accident in Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


Back ground Road traffic accident (RTA) is defined as a collision between two or more, between vehicle and pedestrians, between vehicles and fixed animals obstacles. Of all the transportation systems that people use, road transport is the most widely used, complex and dangerous because it is highly associated with the rise in road traffic collisions. Road traffic accidents have become a huge global public health and development problem with highest burden in developing country, especially highest cause of mortality and disability in Africa. Ethiopia, one of developing country in Africa suffering one the most frequent car accidents and mortality. Aim: Aimed at determining the pattern of bone fractures in TASH and assess outcome of RTA. Methods The study is a retrospective cross sectional study involves all patients sustained road traffic accident coming to department of radiology and having CT from February to August. The CT scan will be examine by senior radiology residents and revised by radiologist. The chart of the patient will be revised for pertinent clinical information and to assess the outcome the accident. Results A total of 131RTA victims were included in the study of which 95 (72.5%) were male and majority of them are from urban 81(61.8%). The most affected people were passengers (45%) followed by pedestrians (35.1%) and those found in between 20-29 years of age (33.6%). The fracture occurred were in lower limb (22.3%), spine (21.8%), upper limb (19%), pelvic bone(16.6) and head (15.2%) and the most fractured body region was head and neck(23.2%). Over all fracture of vertebral bone, skull and pelvic bone was the top leading frequently fractures. Majority of patients have either neurologic or movement impairment (61.1%) and others cured (22.1%) and died (7.6%) Conclusions In this study, RTA commonly affects males and those productive age groups (20-49yr). Of all fracture of lower limb was the leading followed by fracture of spine and pelvic bone fractures respectively. With specific bone fracture vertebral bone fracture is the commonest. The outcome of the patient at the time of their discharge or on their follow up, most of them had some degree of neurologic or movement impairments.



Road traffic accident,developing country