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Title: Teachers' Participation In Decision Making In The Technical And Vocational Schools Of Ethiopia
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Asefa, Abahumna
Keywords: The major purpose
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: The major purpose of this study was to examine the level of existing and desire of teachers in teclmical/vocational schools of Ethiopia to participate in decision making process. Data was collected through questionnaire, unstructured intewiews, obseivation and document analysis. A questionnaire was distributed to 10 government and 2 non- govemment schools and elicited 227 responses. The same questionnaire was completed by 52 academic teachers, 163 technical/vocational teachers and 12 principals or the total 22 of them were females. For the purpose of analysis, different statistical techniques such as percentage, chi- square, t-test, scheffe test, correlation coefficient and ANOVA were employed. In the fmal analysis, the study revealed that significant difference was observed between the existing and desired level of participation. That is, the level of existing teachers' participation is considerably very lñgh- Yet, there is a significant difference between the views of the groups of respondents (positions) conceming desired level of participation. Strong association was observed between the goups of respondents conceming the importance attached to decision categories. It revealed that females perceive less level of participation than males. The study also showed that, as years of experience and academic qualification increase, the level of participation also increase.
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