Investigation on Recycling of Waste Beer Label Paper

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Addis Ababa University


The solid wastes generated from beer industries during beer packaging in which each bottle has to be labeled with a paper then turned to wastes after usage. In this study repulping of waste beer label paper was carried out by repulping Heniken‘s waste beer label and blended it with used A4 sized paper found in AAiT. The study was conducted under different conditions with the influence of mixing ratio (0, 25 and 50 %), drying temperature (100,110 and 120 0 C) and drying time (60, 90 and 120 min) on repulp yield properties. Results indicated that mixing ratio and drying time had a significant influence on repulp yield. Likewise the optimum result with respect to yield was obtained by 50% mixing ratio, 120 0 C drying temperature and 120 min drying time. At the optimum operating conditions the physical tests of hand sheets made from repulping of mixed beer label paper was carried out at Ethiopian Pulp and Paper Factory resulting 66.3 Nm/g, 6.26 mNm 2 /g and 5.421 kN/g tensile index , tear index and burst index respectively.. In general, results based on morphological and repuling analysis indicated that wasted beer label fibers are promising fibrous raw material for the paper production and have tremendous results for environmental challenges in the brewing industries.



beer label paper, recycling of paper, repulping, pulp, paper production