Exploring Women’s Economic Empowerment through Urban Productive Safety Net Program: The Case of Gullele Sub-City in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study was done to assess the impact of Urban Productive Safety Net Program (UPSNP) onWomen’s Economic Empowerment inWoredas 7 and 9 of Gulelle sub-city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The study examined economic empowermentfrom the point of women's access to finance through job opportunities and financial services, women'sinvolvement in decision making process in the UPSNP structure and how women's engagement in the UPSNP has impacted the environment. Using a mixed research method of quantitative and qualitative natures, the study found out that UPSNP has contributed in economically empowering women and in bringing positive change on the urban environment at the study area.A sizable number of women (76.9 per cent) were found to have control over their income and they decideon its utilization. The program has also brought pronounced impact in bringing women to leadership. The study found that 50 percent of the leadership in the UPSNP structure in both public work and committees is assumed by women.Furthermore, women are also able to establish social networks such as Equib and reap both the financial and social benefit that these networksprovide. One very critical outcome is the change in the mind-sets of participating women towards saving. There is an absolute conformance to saving and growing desire for voluntary savings by participating women. On the side of environment, through their engagement in greeneries, neighbourhood beautification and solid waste management works, women participating in the program are playing a pivotal role in safeguarding and maintaining the environment.The study did also reveal that the weak link of the program, which is the negative attitude of participating women towards taking credits for livelihood development purposes. It is highly recommended that duty bearers such as respective woreda administrators, and Food Security and Urban Job Creation Agency work togetherto create basic awareness on financial services, entrepreneurship, financial management skills and the likes to further enhance women economic empowerment and capitalize on the impact of the program.



UPSNP, Women Economic Empowerment, Environment