Assesing The Effect Of Communication On Project Success: A Case Of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The issue of communication is very paramount in any organization project management. The purpose of this research work is to assess the effect of communication on project success in Ethio telecom projects. The study points out communication variables and examines their contribution for the success of Ethio telecom FAN projects. The research used explanatory research design and quantitative approach. The quantitative data was analyzed by using suitable methods of descriptive statistics using SPSS software tool. To address the objective of the study a structured questionnaire is distributed to fifty-three Ethio telecom FAN project staffs. Out of it forty-eight responded, implying that 90.5% of response rate. The data collected has been analyzed quantitatively using Descriptive statistics: frequency and percentage and regression analysis through SPSS version 20 software. The findings of the study reveal that internal and external communication, communication channel and process, communication management practice had statistically positive significant importance on Ethio telecom projects success. Moreover, reduction of communication barrier also had statistically positive significant impact on the company projects success. The research, therefore, recommends that strengthening the efficiency of communication with external stakeholders, supporting project staffs to increase their communication competency, developing communication management plan and deploy project tool, and improving Project Managers communication efficiency with project team and stakeholders.



Ethio Telecom, Project communication, Project success.