A Computer-Assisted Financial Information Support System For National Urban Planning Instiute (Nupi).

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Addis Ababa University


Ability to produce information that has improved qualities such as relevance , timeliness and accuracy among the main objectives of financial information systems including NUPIS finance system. But the system is facing difficulties in producing such outputs. Most of users requirements are not being met by the system . As a result this study is conducted. The study documents what and how the existing system carries out its activities. Current system problems are identified. Objectives that should be met by a proposed system are set. Various ways of meeting those objectives are investigated. Finally a solution is proposed. Attempt is also made to demonstrate how the solution over comes the major problems of the existing system. The outcome of this study works not only fir NUPI but also for organizations and institutions that are financed by MOF and using single entry Government accounting system.



A Computer-Assisted Financial Information Support System