Silte As A Medium Of Instruction

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Addis Ababa University


Thi s study is an accou nt Cor thc dcvelopmcnt of Silt'c as a mediulll of" ins truct ion. The th es is consists of li vc c ha ptcrs. The first chapter is an introduction whcre the geograp hy. language and pcoplc o f Silt·e. the pro bl em. the object ives. th c s ign ificance and thc limitation of the st udy a rc stated. The sccond chapter dea ls with rcvicw of rc lated litcraturc. Di scussio ns of" the thcoretical and mc thodological preliminarics are providcd in the third chapte r. Thc fo urth chap tc r. whi ch is the main body of this work. deals with results and di sc uss ions. Thc last chaptcr summarizes the di sc uss ions in the fc) rego ing chapters and pro vidcs recommendation on thc implcmcntations