Gender and Refugees: A Case Study of The Eritrean Refugees in The Shimelba Refugee Camp, Tigray National State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia, the Tigray national state, due to its geographical proximity to Eritrea host large number of Eritrean refugees in Shimeliba refugee camp. They cross the Ethiopia border starting just after the end of the EthioEritrea war in 2001. Due to the very nature of vulnerability of women and females in refugee setting area assessing the gender aspects become significant. The study is new in the context of Ethiopia; and the situation could be precipitated by the prevalence of male dominant which ratio nearly 1 :3. In order to achieve the objectives focus group discussion, life story, survey, key informant, and observation were employing as the main methods in data gathering. Qualitative and qualitative information were compiled from relevant agencies and organizations working with refugees. Then described and analyzed the whole information in a coherent manner. According to the finding of this research a number of factors at institutional and community level contributing to an influx of the Eritrean to Ethiopia. The root causes for fleeing were govemmental repression: migration control policy, banning the right of religious liberty, and ethnic disregarding. The situation triggered by the out break of the Ethio-Eritrea war of 1998. In the study area it is unique that the actors for gender-based violence are the refugee men. In addition to food ration and income generating activities remittances contribute significant sources of income to the refugee community. The result suggests that the need to participate the refugee community in the camp layout in a specified approach. Revising the different discriminatory policy and law of Eritrea and appropriately intervene by different intemational institutions and countries become significant. Hence, the least durable solution for the refugee in theory becomes the best for the Eritrean that is resettlement to third country.



Gender and Refugees