Preliminary investigation to Use Water Hyacinths (“EMBOCH”) for Stabilization of Expansive soils: A Case Study on source of Water Hyacinth LakeTANA

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Addis Ababa University


Since long, improvement in characteristics of expansive soil by using different materials has been a challenging job for engineers. Construction in the 21st Century saw the advancement of a large number of new materials and products accompanied by the emergence of new methods for the utilization of waste materials. Many researchers have made an attempt with the use of different materials like cement, Fly ash, lime Etc. but the aim of this study is to stabilize expansive soils by the use of water hyctine locally known as „emboch‟. The Expansive soil, collected from Ayira, Gondar, has been classified as an A-2-7 soil on the AASHTO classification. It was stabilized using a dry water hyctine from 5% to 15% replacement by dry weight of the soil. The effect of the additives on the soil was investigated with respect to atterberg limits, Specific gravity, free swell, moisture density relationships California bearing ratio (Soaked CBR) and CBR Swell. After the investigation, with the increment of water hyctine (WH), it was found that the optimum moisture content increased until 10% and decreased on 15% while the maximum dry density values decreased until 10% and increased on 15%. Free swell ratio of the stabilized samples decreased with increasing WH content. CBR values slightly increased with the addition of WH. The CBR of the soil at 15% of WH almost fall in to the category of fair sub grade. This shows a potential of using WDE as potential material in stabilization of expansive soils.



Water Hyacinths (“EMBOCH”), Lake Tana, Expansive soils