Local Development Plan for Inner City Areas, Particular Emphasis Based on Evaluation of Basic Urban Design Parameters the Case of Meskel Square Entrance Pocket Area, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababauniversity


Addis Ababa is the capital as well as the political and cultural center of Ethiopia. But the slum areas in the inner city are found to be the prominent problems that hide the international image of the city. Hence, extensive redevelopment activities are under way to transform the city in to a more livable city in Africa. However, Addis Ababa faces huge challenges in redeveloping slum areas. Thus, this paper tried to assess physical aspects of the redevelopment practices of Kaza-INCHIS/ECA/Economic Commission for Africa/ area and analyze the proposed Local Development plan of Meskel square entrance pocket area. This paper, therefore, applied snowballing random sampling method to select respondents for this paper. The paper further utilized purposive sampling to select officials in different hierarchies’ and area of expertise. Both primary and secondary data are collected with the help of interviews, structured questionnaires, site reconnaissance and observation. The collected data were analyzed, interpreted and presented with the help of various software packages: MS-excel, GIS, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Artlantis Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and computer programs. The results were presented in text, tables, pictures, charts, graphs and maps. Accordingly, the research concluded that the redevelopment practice in Addis Ababa has problems with respect to physical issues of urban design concepts, absence of visual satisfaction or aesthetics, comfort, efficiency, identity and sustainability, poor proportional integration of different land uses, road hierarchy, poor consideration of urban public spaces as a breathing open space and poor landscaping among others. Hence, the recommendations, the design concepts and spatial proposals presented in this thesis paper will pave the way for physically Livable, Vibrant and Sustainable design and implementation of redevelopment interventions in the city. Key word: Urban, Redevelopment, Local Development Plan, Urban Design



Urban;, Redevelopment;, Local Development Plan;, Urban Design