Investigation on Storm Drainage Problem of Addis Ababa (Case Study at Gotera – Wollo Sefer, Saris - Gotera and Ring Road

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Addis Ababauniversity


Proper drainage system is required in developing urban areas. In Addis Ababa, drainage problem become an issue during rainy season. This study deals with investigation of storm drainage problem of Addis Ababa and a possible mitigation measure to overcome the problem. Despite there are many places in the city facing storm drainage problem; Ethio china road (Gotera – Wollo sefer), Saris Gotera road (Debrezeit road) and Ring roads are areas selected for this study. Based on primary and secondary data collected, the problems in the areas are categorized as construction, management and design problem. The method used to investigate management problem is direct field data collection and site visit but the construction problem is analyzed using field survey as well as comparison of design with what is implemented in the ground. Design of the study area is evaluated by redesigning of the system using the computation sheet used in American Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) urban drainage design manual and Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) urban drainage design manual with some modification. Design of storm drainage system evaluated in this research includes inlet spacing, pipe sizing and inlet type selection. The Values of inlet spacing and pipe sizing obtained by redesigning is compared with the original design. The result of this paper shows that the problem in Gotera - Wollo Sefer and Ring road is caused by insufficient drainage operation, over spaced inlet spacing and minimum pipe size is used. The investigation in Saris – Gotera road also shows; the curb inlets are over spaced and constructed with very small opening, the operation system of the drainage is in sufficient and curbs are not constructed according to the design. Finally, based on the result obtained a possible mitigation measures is recommended



Storm Drainage Problem