“Šayḫ Nurye ‘Omar and His Amharic ʻAğamī Text of Ğawharāt Al-Tawḥ󠆭id”

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Addis Ababa University


The spread of Islamic litrature in Ethiopia has a great impact on the Ethiopian indigenous culture, and they used the Arabic loanwords in Ethiopian languages, the other effect on languages is the writing of some Ethiopian languages using the Arabic letters thatis called ʻAğamī. On the other hand, there are few Ethiopian languages written in Arabic letters. Amharic, Oromiffa, Somali, Harari, Afar, Silt`i and Argoba are cases in point. The traditional muslims had their contributions in Islamic sciences and the Arabic language, and they wrote poetry in praise of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH); they write also invaluable poem to teach the people and in order to make clear the teachings of Islam. This study attempts to introduce one of those scholars who had contribution to ʻAğamī, Sheikh Nuriye ‘Omar from Wollo, Amhara region, and to present hisʻAğamī Amharic manuscriptwhich is a translation of an Arabic poem into Amharic poem using Arabic alphabets (ʻAğamī) that deals with Islamic monotheism. The work will further present this manuscript and analyze it from philological and linguistic perspective. Transliteration of theʻAğamī manuscript is given in Amharic alphabet here with annotation. The text was translated from an Arabic origin called Jawharatu al-Tawhid, written by the Egyptian Scholar Sheikh Ibrahim al-Luqani (d.1632).



Ağamī Text of Ğawharāt Al-Tawḥ󠆭id”