Determinants of Road Traffic Accident Occurrences in Amhara Region. (A Case Study from Debre Markos to Injibara Road Section)

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Addis Ababa University


According to the European Union reports (2014) and WHO (2009), 1.3 million people lose their lives every year from road traffic accidents (RTAs). Although road traffic accidents (RTAs) are a major global public health problem, most of it occurs in low- and middle-income countries including Ethiopia. Pedestrians, drivers and passengers of vehicles are the most vulnerable in Ethiopia; whereas, in high-income countries, crashes involve primarily privately owned vehicles with the driver being the main car occupant injured or killed. Determinants of RTAs have become a major public health concern worldwide: However, unlike developed or high-income countries, many developing countries have made very little progress towards addressing this problem. Nonetheless, there are ways to strengthen the reduction of injured persons that will help to lower the toll from road RTAs. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate ways to accomplish these goals in the context of along the road section from considering the Debre Markos-Injibara (150km) road (locating in the Amhara region of Ethiopia) as a cause study. The determinants will established mainly through Descriptive and Inferential analysis. Inferential analysis was carried out using STATA software v14 program (odds ration model regression) and results were generated. This implies that the proportion of variation in the dependent variable (i.e. road traffic accidents) explained by the independent variables (i.e. length of roads, road geometry, road users, presence of road safety, environment and speeding).In this regard a total of 11 sections of the case study road were dealt with using secondary data from the Amhara Police Commission records. Based on the results of priority value analysis, out of the 11 sections of the subject road; the Burie, near Finote Selam, Banja, and Finote Selam were highly prone to accidents and corresponding values as: 13, 10.79, 10 and 9.64respectively. Based on the data analyses and prioritization values result the more vulnerable section was found and ranked to diagnose, prioritize, evaluate and give low cost and effective solution to reduce the RTAs on the study road. Possible solutions are using traffic signs, make enforcement for unlegal drivers, strengthen public awareness through campaigns, exercise pertinent policy revisions, permanent geometry and pavement modifications etc.



Road Traffic Accident, Amhara Region, Debre Markos to Injibara Road Section