Word Formation in Tigrinya

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis deals with word formation h I Tigrinya . It employs the theory of generative morpho l ogy as explained in Aronoff (1976) and Scalise (1984) among others . As is the case i n other Semitic l anguages , roots in Tigrinya can be inputs for word formation and accordi ngly several nom ina l and verbal patt ern s which are formed from roots are identified. The se stems/words can be the basis for other complex words . The in puts and outputs of complex words are a l so invest igated. It i s argued that many sufflXes that may look like derivationals are actually non derivationals. It is assumed t hat the re are onl y ten der iv ation a l morphemes in Tigrinya . The study also shows tha : suffixes o' complex words are heads wherea s prefixes are non -heads. The thes is re v eal s that Tigr inya compl ex wores are right headed . Moreover, it is made clear that Ti g rinya compounds are generally left headed. The y may have plural suffixes added to them or the feat ure [Tbrok en plural J perco l ated f rom them to the whole compound.



Word formation