An Assessment of the Contribution of Social Accountability Project: The Case of Edget Beandenet School, Hawaqssa Project Site of Action for Self Reliance Organization (Afsr

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Addis Ababa University


The stud y assessed the contributi on of social accountability proj ect. Qua li tative research method based o n case stu dy technique was used in order to ex plore and deep ly und erstand the cont ribut ion of th e project. Primary data were gathered from key info rm ants a nd foc us g roup di sc uss ion partic ip ants. T he data was processed throu gh thematic ana lys is . T he findin gs of th e stud y revealed th at social accountability project has its own sha re for enh a nci ng the level of in vo lv emen t, participati o n a nd empowerment of th e comm unit y through it s communi ty sco res card (CMC) and co mmuni ty mobili zat ion (CM) mechani s ms . Re s ults of the stud y in dicate that th e proj ect in its ed ucation intervention hel ped t he schoo l community to address it s prob lems through mobili z in g both int erna l as we ll as external re sources. The project has found th at development actors s hou ld play a fac ilit ation role a nd provisio n of technica l ass istance in the process of deve lopment. In general , the project s ho uld be taken as a startin g poi nt to susta in th e deve lopment e nd eavors of Et hiopia s in ce it has a g reat potentia l to aware the community to see it s s tr ength, potential a nd avai labl e re sources. T hus, th e project should be sca led up to en ha nc e deve lop me nt in the cou ntry . Key Words: Asset, Palti c ipation, E mpowe rm ent, Com munity Development, Deve lopment



Asset, Palticipation, Empowerment, Community Development