Assessment of Sexual Coercion Among Addis Ababa University Female Students

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Addis Abeba Universty


Cross-sectional institution based survey using self-administered anonymous questionnaire and Focus group discussion, was conducted among female students of Addis Ababa University to determine the magnitude, immediate consequences and socio demographic correlates of sexual coercions. A total of 612 female students were involved in the study. The quantitative study revealed that the prevalence of lifetime completed and attempted rape was 12.7 %( 95%CI, 10.06, 15.33) and 27.5% (95%CI, 3.96, 31.3) respectively. Sexual harassment in lifetime and 12 month period was reported in 58% and 41.8% of students, respectively. Rape was significantly associated for those students, who have boyfriends, and from divorced family as a risk factor, and for those living with both parents before joining university and money sent as needed with near by living families as a protective factor. Promise by friends, physical force and alcohol use were also contributing to the offence. Unwanted pregnancy, abortion and psychological disturbances were the immediate reported consequences of rape victims, which signify the role of rape in these health problems. After their victimization 93.6% of the victims didn't share the event with anybody. Victims reported about the perpetuator that 93.6% was a person known by them. The findings of this study indicate that female adolescents even in higher educational level are at higher risk of sexual coercion and its consequences. It is recommended that sexual coercion needs attention and action from concerned bodies, education for students on how to challenge gender norms and to create new models of healthy relationship, for the victim preparation of rape crisis center in health institution with standardized treatments for STDs, raising the awareness of policy making bodies in order to implement the existing punishment on the abusers and encouraging victims to report for legal bodies. Key words: - Rape, Attempt rape, Harassment and Adolescents



Rape, Attempt rape, Harassment and Adolescents