Effect of Cooking Methods on Nutritional Composition and AntiNutritional Factors of Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Purpureus L.) Sweet Varieties in Debati woreda, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Hyacinth bean is velY important grain legume, of the family Leguminosae, have been utilized as crop and staple food source. Characteristically, legumes, e;pecially beans are considered an important and inexpensive protein and dietClty fiber sources in human nutrition. And this study was conducted with an objective to assess the effect of cooking methods on the nutritional composition and anti-nutritional factors of Hyacinth Bean (Lab lab purpureus L.) sweet varieties. The raw and processed hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus L.) sweet varieties were studied and comparedfor their nutritional composition: moisture crude protein, total ash, crude fiber. crude fat. carbohydrare; minerals: (Ca, Fe, Zn, and P) and ANFs: (phytate and tannin) based on different processing techniques. Sensory acceptability test of cooked hyacinth bean varieties were also reponed Boiling, autoc/aving and soaking treatments significantly (p<o. 0.5) decreases che moisture, crude fat and ash contents re.lpectively whereas they significantly (p<o..o.5) increases the fiher and carbohydrate contents. Cooking and soaking trearments were non significant (P<o..o.5) on crude protein content on both hyacinth bean varielles. Boiling and aUfOc/aving tredtments increases the Ca, Fe. Zn and P contents of Highworth variety while they ·;,gnificantly(p<O 05) increases Ca. Fe and P and decreases Zn con~e l1l.\· of Rongai variety. Boiling Llml a1lfodlaving treatmenls signi/icanlly (p<o.05) very effective to reduce the phytale ami tannin conter)! 0/ hOlh Rongai and Highworth varieties. The phytme: Zn . phytate: 1',' and Ca:phytate molar ratios and phytate*Ca:Zn millimolar ratios were determined in order 10 estimare the bioavailability of these minerals. The molar ratio 0/ phy:Fe and Ca:phy was > I and >6 respet:llvely indicating thai Fe and Ca absolption could be impaired. This study also revealed that, the sensory acceptability test on the major sem'OlY allributes of boiled and m:!oc/(fl'cd hyrlcinth bean varieties were reported. And there WilS t?O a significant difference observed 011 tlie sensory aflributes of (colof'. aroma. taste, text lire and .:Jwr a/l accepcability) of the h) 'acini" bean p70duC1S. K~y words: Hyacinth bean variety, soaking, boiling. uutC'ci(fving, nutritional composition, minerals. ANFs. phcatate:mineral molal' f'({{io. ,ensOlY acceptability test



Hyacinth bean variety, soaking, boiling. uutC'ci(fving, nutritional composition, minerals., ANFs, phcatate:mineral molal' f'({{io, ,ensOlY acceptability test