Conservation of Cultural Values of Tiya Stelea and Challenges for Sustainable Tourism Development

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This thesis endeavor is to identify the Cultural Values of Tiya World Heritage Site in Ethiopia from the perspective of cultural value conservation and its challenges. It recommends the Cultural Values of Tiya World Heritage Site and conservation management theoretical frame work for sustaining the physical condition, authenticity, and integrity of heritage. The linkages between cultural value and conservation will help to understand and helps to undertake measure for conserving cultural value from the conservation management perspective in Tiya World Heritage Site. The thesis adapted the Critical Realist approach in understanding the world by distinguishing the reality from factual and empirical, and recognizing the social structures in the phenomenon. The Matrix Thematic mapped the main elements of the study (cultural value, conservation practitioners, and conservation documents) in a robust manner. Expert Interviews, observation and Document Reviews were the main tools used in gathering the data. The raw qualitative data was then analyzed via Content Analysis. This thesis identifies the cultural value of Tiya World Heritage Site as being social, economic, political, historic, aesthetical, scientific, age, and ecological. These were associated and epistemologically constructed with conservation management perspectives of people, place, process, and technology. The embedded levels of respondents from the conservation practitioners have explained and elaborated on the association between the characteristics of cultural value of Tiya World Heritage Site and conservation management practice in identifying the challenges and possible solution to sustain the cultural values, the focus of the research. The thesis also provided insights into how the perspective of cultural value conservation is associated with cultural value criteria in conserving Tiya World Heritage Site. To sustainably conserve cultural heritage of Tiya World Heritage Site I suggested that the government should start pre- conservation studies of the heritage as first step in line with preparing conservation documents plan. To do so, both financial and human resources have to be secured for conservation practice.