The Practice of Ethiopian Private Presses in Covering Corruption Related Issues: The Case of Reporter and Addis Admas.

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis has attempted to assess the practice of Ethiopian private presses III covering corruptio n related issues in the case of Repo rter and Addis Admas for the period of one year. Content anal ys is was employed as method. In-depth-interview was also made with the newspaper's staff. Both quantitative and qual itative methods were used to co llect the data. As a result, systematic random samplings of 67 arti cles were taken from Reporter and 36 from Addis Admas newspapers. The analysis was done based on the type of sto ry, theme, source, placement, author and the case of individual vs. institutions. The data found from the interview as well as underlying theoret ical frameworks were used to back up the analysis. Resul ts show that embezzlemcnt was the leading form of corruption theme for both newspapers. Reporter and Addis Admas used anti -corrupt ion watchdogs as their major sources of story. From the research it is possible to conclude that Reporter and Add is Admas gave more prominence to corruption issues on institutional level which were led by government rather than on individual bases. The study further concluded that the biggest strength of Reporter and Addis Admas emanate from the news section as majority of the news stories were authored by their own staff reporters. The newspapers' coverage of corruption was dominated by the news genre. In addition, sign ificant numbers of the corruption stories on Reporter were placed on the middle pages of the newspaper, and Addis Aclmas gave more emphasis fo r corrupt ion related stories by placin g on the fro nt pages of the newspaper. From the overall finding of this research, it is poss ible to conclude that Reporter and Addis Admas seem somewhat responsible in fu lfill ing their duty as the watchdog of public inte rest by consistently repolting events of corrupt ion in the country even though they fa iled to add ress important corruption themes, such as clintism, nepotism and bribery.



Ethiopian Private Presses, Covering Corruption Related Issues, Reporter and Addis Admas