The contributions of media in minimizing illegal migration in Ethiopia: the case of Fana FM, Deutsche Welle and Voice of America Amharic Radio Programs

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Addis Ababa University


A number of research papers and study reports that have been written on the subject of illegal migration from Ethiopia have definitely given indispensable information and facts that clarify the magnitude of illegal migration, its causes, the various routes and trafficking channels, the type and extent of dangerous effects, economic and human loses and possible actions for its mitigation. However, none of these studies were able to specifically assess the current status as well as potential contributions of media outlets that broadcast with domestic languages to address this huge social problem of our country. This research paper is written with the aim of partially bridging this gap through analyzing the existing practices and contributions of three selected media outlets namely; Fana FM 98.1, Deutsche Welle and Voice of America Amharic Radio Services to reduce illegal migration taking place from Ethiopia in particular via Yemen to Saudi Arabia. Combinations of data collection and analysis methods and tools have been employed for this study. Qualitative content analysis of programs broadcasted; in-depth interview with experts from media, international organizations and government institutions as well as focus group discussions with migrant female returnees from Saudi were main means of primary data and information gathering techniques utilized for this study. In addition, the descriptive analyses of the findings presented in chapter four with support of tabular and graphic presentations, the three media outlets have broadcasted 127 programs or news in total during the period January, 2015 to December, 2017 to aware citizens about illegal migration. Despite the existence of relative difference among the three media outlets and occurrence of a number of serious challenges, as initially put in my hypothesis, it was able to understand that all the three media outlets in one way or another have contributed to minimize the illegal migration from Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia through Yemeni.



subject of illegal migration from Ethiopia