An Assessment of Urban Lands Lease Holdings Proclamation No. 721/ 2011 implementation: A Case study of Yeka Sub-City Administration, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The City government of Addis Ababa enacted the Urban Lands Lease Holdings Proclamation No. 721/2011 by formulating Urban Lands Lease Holdings Regulation No. 049/2011 based on its circumstances. The objectives of the Proclamation is to satisfy the growing Urban Land demand resulted because of the fast economic growth and to ensure good governance for the development of efficient Urban Land market. But it failed to do so due to its improper implementation. Therefore this research study needs to assess the implementation of Urban Lands Lease Holdings Proclamation No. 721/ 2011 and the challenges encountered. The study was accomplished through case study method; and employed both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The sample of respondents were selected from the workers and customers of Yeka Sub City Land Development and Management office and also non Urban Land holders using probability, non-probability and heterogeneity sampling techniques. Interview, Observation, Questionnaire, FGD, Informal Conversation and document analysis were used to gather relevant data to the study; MS- Excel and MS- Word were used for data analysis. Thus, the study found that information source to auctioners was newspaper and to the informal settlers was brokers, fair level of information accessibility, insufficient leased Urban Land allocation, provision of subserviced urban land lease plot, dominant informal Urban Land possession, residential land use changed in to other purposes, low enforcement condition on the abusers of proclamation rather leaves a room for corruption, Unaffordable leased and regularized urban land price, the narrowed entrance to urban land possession, four dominant urban land lease price intensifiers (government, old possessors, Diasporas, and higher income groups). Therefore, customers have to be technically rich enough to take service from the office, adjust the very narrowed entrance of Urban Land plot possession, put clear and reasonable demarcation for informal Urban Land regularization, provide sufficient amount of serviced land, provide a very affordable houses for the urban poor and pro poor, develop the professional capacity of urban managers and planners. Key Words: urbanization, Urban Lands Lease Holdings Proclamation, formal urban land holders, informal urban land holders, Yeka Sub City



Urbanization, Urban Lands Lease Holdings Proclamation, Formal Urban Land Holders, Informal Urban Land Holders Yeka Sub City