Career Aspirations of Addis Ababa University Students : Implication for Career Counselin

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The study of career aspiration among undergraduates has become a hot topic. This study looked at the level of job goals among AAU Behavioral and Educational science, Social science. Political science, Business and Economics science students .Quantitative data from 287 university students (141 males and 146 females) with a mean age of 21.16 (standard deviation =1.62) were gathered through the use of demographic questionnaires (6 items) and career aspiration test (24 items). The data was analyzed using descriptive statistical methods such as frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation, as well as inferential statistical methods such as Independent sample T-test and one way ANOVA. The vast majority of those who took part (84.3 percent) were found to have strong future job aspirations, according to the findings. Fresh entry had a higher status of professional aspiration than second and third-year students, and when we look at the gender scenario, females had relatively a higher status of ambition in work. According to the findings, undergraduate students' future professional goals are a critical factor in their future performance, leadership, and academic success.



career aspiration, socio-demographic variables, university students