Loss Assessment of Construction Equipment Productivity and Its Impact on Equipment Financial Performance In Federal Road Projects: A Case Study on Three Federal Asphalt Road Projects in Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


Modern construction, characterized by effective and efficient utilization of construction equipment to accomplish numerous construction activities. Equipment may range from simple hand tools or apparatus to heavy-duty construction equipment. As a high level of productivity is important to any company’s success and survival, this paper help to fill the gap created by the absence of proper equipment management on the construction sites and helps to examine the overall performance of heavy-duty construction equipment. This study also examines the major contributing factors for productivity loss on the case study federal road construction projects to find important interventions for changes; this is because machinery management have high influence on productivity, cost and quality. Three federal roads where involved in this study, Namely, Mazoria-Durame-Hadero, Hadero-Durgi and Alaba-Alemgebeya-Hulbarek road projects in the southern regional state of Ethiopia. The assessment involved in this study was field observation and measurement to quantify downtime and the actual productivity and desk study to identify main factors contributing for productivity loss. In the entire study site, the OEE index show low percentage of productivity in between 55% to 68%. Out of the three primary component rates of OEE index only quality rate have a higher performance, which is about 90% and above. However, the performance rate in the entire study site shows lower performance(less than 76%). Due to this weak performance of the construction equipment productivity, the contractors forced to incur an additional cost from 1 – 2 % of the total monthly running cost allocated for the equipment. Out of the four main contributing factors for equipment productivity loss (machine factor, human factor, management factor and work factor) the management problem ranked first. Although there was low construction equipment productivity in the entire study site, the Resident Engineers (RE) do not have any compliant on the contractor regarding to their poor Performance. Keywords: Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Performance Measure, Productivity, Construction Equipment, Equipment Management School of Graduate studies-



Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Performance Measure, Productivity, Construction Equipment, Equipment Management