Evaluation on the Role of Public Relations Practices in Government Organaizations: a Case Study on Ministry of Revenues of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The primary goal of this research is to evaluate the role of government public relations in the case of Ethiopia's Ministry of Revenue. The research investigated what the key tasks of the public relations department of Ethiopia's Ministry of Revenue in achieving its purpose and vision are. How are public relations operations carried out in Ethiopia's Ministry of Revenue? What are the public relations methods employed by Ethiopia's Ministry of Revenue? And the difficulties in putting the PR practices into action. The study took a qualitative approach, with in-depth interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs), document analysis, and observations serving as data collection tools. The qualitative research method was used in the investigation. In terms of sampling, ten communication managers, senior experts/team leaders, and public relations practitioners were chosen for interviews using purposive sampling techniques. The researcher also held one focus group discussion (FGD) with practitioners from the public relations department, with a total of six participants. The FGDs were created to aid with triangulation. According to the study, the ministry of revenues employs several communication techniques such as press releases, press conferences, media relations, and others to reach the public, however the press conference is rarely arranged by the department. Furthermore, the public relations department has been hampered by political appointments of communication directors and team leaders, a negative public perception of government communication, limited communication and information flow with the public and other stakeholders, and a lack of professionalism. According to the report, the public relations department should execute a two-way symmetrical communication model, staff the office with specialists, and use a well-developed communication plan.



Public Relations, Ethiopia's Ministry of Revenue