Law Enforcement Information Sharing on Social Media News Values in Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Facebook Platform

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This study aimed at examining law enforcement information sharing on social media and news values in the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission Facebook platform. The reason to study this issue is that it helps to understand how social media are important to security sectors and concerned bodies to work together to minimize criminal activity in Ethiopia. The scope is Addis Ababa Mexico FPC headquarters geographically, from October to December 2020 timely and analyzed through mixed research method. The interview was employed mainly to get reliable data that can enable the researcher to examine whether each news of the federal police commission's Facebook platform has the selected news values or not. Moreover, quantitative content analysis was used to identify the frequency of news values. So under the investigation of this study, most of the respondents of the interview and content analysis of eighty news values proved that there is a lack of news values on the federal police commission's Facebook page. According to the finding and analysis, Proximity and human interest news are prominent and they have better comments, likes, and shares from the other values at federal police even though its frequency is lower than people expect because people need major criminal reports. People need safety and security from the police, so they are highly interested to have relation, between the police. Thus, based on the findings police information is to increase the public attitude toward law enforcement. So FPC should create strong relations with people to fight and decrease criminal activities.FPC should minimize least important news like training complications, the speech of the commissioners, meetings, generally feature stories incorporate immediate and relevant news on its Facebook page. It also should create a better chance to follow-up training and experience sharing with stakeholders. FPC should assign qualified and experienced Producers, assistance producers, editors, and reporters to the Facebook page.



federal police, social media, and news values